Thursday, 5 July 2018

How to translate ‘Arrangement’ into English

The German word ‘Arrangement’ is used in many of the same ways as it is in English, i.e. in the context of flowers (er hat mir ein wunderschönes Arrangement aus roten und weiβen Rosen geschenkt) and music (ein neues Arrangement für Trompete und Orgel), or in the sense of ‘coming to an agreement’ with someone (Wenn Sie wollen, können wir ein Arrangement finden.)
In tourism texts the term generally means a package or special deal of some kind, maybe a Wochenend-Arrangement or a Vier-Tage Arrangement. Sometimes preceded

by ‘fertig geschnürt’ (ready-made/all-inclusive), it is frequently used in place of the German word Angebote or the dreadful Packages (see above).
The Cambridge Dictionary gives the following definition of the term: eine Gruppen-, Pauschal- als Einheit zu buchende Zusammenstellung von Fahrt, Unterkunft und Verpflegung. In other words, a deal that includes not just the price of accommodation, but also any meals taken and transport costs to and from the location.
And there are many variations on this basic idea. I frequently come across Golfarrangements which comprise all the elements mentioned above plus the use of spa facilities and, most important of all for golfing vacationers, green fees. Another popular one is a Biker-Arrangement, covering accommodation, food of course (often something suitably hearty like a humongous steak and all the beer you can drink!) plus practical things such as covered parking and drying facilities - very important when you’ve been out biking all day in all weathers!
Your Arrangement might even offer something altogether more exotic, as here:
das All-Inclusive-Arrangement beinhaltet sämtliche Mahlzeiten, die im Community Dome serviert werden. Darüber hinaus sind geführte Trekking-Touren in die Wildnis Patagoniens im Preis inbegriffen = the all-inclusive package deal includes all meals (served in the Community Dome) plus guided trekking tours through the Patagonian wilderness.
So, in conclusion, package, deal or package deal generally cover all bases. And, of course, avoid the English word “arrangement” like the plague… as the otherwise delightful-sounding Hotel Savoy in Cologne (below) should have done!

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