Saturday, 27 September 2014

Today’s insider tip: Geheimtipp!
Geheimtipp is much used in tourism texts to indicate a thing, place (or even a person*… see examples below!) which is in some way special, highly recommended, a real ‘must-see’. Of course, the Geheim- prefix carries the notion of secrecy, so translations along the lines of ‘little-known gem’, ‘best-kept/well-guarded secret’ will often fit the bill nicely. A typical example might be: Sri Lanka gilt bis heute als Geheimtipp unter den asiatischen Reisezielen = Until now, Sri Lanka has been a well-kept secret among Asian destinations.
But here are some alternative offerings taken from recent projects, none of which feature the words ‘secret’ or ‘tip’!

*Er ist der Geheimtipp dieses Abends = he’s one to watch this evening

 Kannst du mir einige Geheimtipps geben? = can you give me the low-down on...?

 (Kärntens) Geheimtipp im Winter = the place to be in Carinthia this winter

 Estland ist ein Geheimtipp für alle, die gern pittoreske Städte besuchen = Estonia is the destination for anyone who loves picturesque towns

 Hameln ist unbedingt ein Geheimtipp = Hamelin is a must on any visitor’s itinerary

 Goldschmiede Klagenfurt – ein ganz besonderer Geheimtipp = .... definitely worth a visit

 Ein echter Geheimtipp ist Sölden übrigens für Anhänger des nordischen Wintersports = Sölden is also a great place for/is much sought-after by fans of...



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