Sunday, 14 September 2014

Today, some thoughts on how to translate ‘besticht’!

Although the primary meaning of bestechen is to bribe or corrupt, the verb is often used - like its counterpart überzeugt - to describe how appealing, captivating or just generally impressive a place or thing is. A direct translation (something along the lines of ‘impresses through’) is clearly no good, so a workaround is generally necessary. The following is a brief selection of besticht phrases which have come up in my work recently… and the translation I went for at the time. Feel free to add your own examples!

a)      … besticht der Landhaushof durch seinen Arkadengang

= a particularly attractive feature of the Landhaushof is its galleried courtyard

b)       das Hotel besticht durch die optimale Lage für Ausflüge

= the hotel provides an ideal base for excursions

c)      ... besticht durch seine Lage im mittleren Saaletal

= occupies an attractive location in the middle reaches of the Saale valley.

d)      der Saal im Volkshaus besticht durch eine ausgezeichnete Akustik

= the elegant Great Hall of the Volkshaus’ is known for its excellent acoustics

e)       die Nibelungenstadt Worms besticht mit ihrem reichen Kulturerbe aus über 2000 Jahren Geschichte.

= famed as the “City of the Nibelungs”, Worms boasts a rich cultural heritage stretching back over 2,000 years.

f)       die Planzenwelt im Norden der Insel besticht durch üppige Fülle.

= the north of the island boasts an abundance of lush vegetation

… and three more (from non-tourism texts!)

g)      der neue Toyota TF107 besticht hauptsächlich durch ein neues Aufhängungskonzept

= a particular impressive feature of the new Toyota TF107 is its new suspension system

h)      ... besticht hauptsächlich durch den Preis

= above all else, the… offers fantastic value for money

i)        das Modell besticht durch ein gradlinig und elegantes Design

        = its elegant, streamlined design makes this an extremely attractive model.


*Coming next month: what to do with that perennial favourite – ‘der Geheimtipp’!!!

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